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All topics and exhibits at a glance



TruBend 3100

TruBend 5130 with ToolShuttle

TruBend 5230 with ToolMaster

TruBend 7036

TruBend Cell 5000

TruBend Cell 7000

TruBend Center 5030


(Industry 4.0)


Condition Based Services


Performance Cockpit

Consulting for Networked Production

You will also find further exhibits and topics in the TruConnect Forum






(2D laser cutting)

TruLaser 1030 fiber

TruLaser 3030 fiber + LiftMaster Compact

TruLaser 3030

TruLaser 5030 + LiftMaster Store, SortMaster and TruStore 3030

TruLaser 5030 fiber

TruLaser Center 7030






TruLaser Cell

(3D laser cutting / 2D laser cutting)



TruLaser Cell 3000

TruLaser Cell 7020 + BrightLine Weld technology

TruLaser Cell 7040

TruLaser Cell 8030





TruLaser Station

(3D laser processing)

TruLaser Station 5005

TruLaser Tube

(Laser tube cutting)

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber

TruLaser Tube 7000


TruLaser Weld

(Laser Welding)

TruLaser Weld 5000

TruLaser Robot 5020



(Laser Marking)

TruMark Station 5000

TruMark Station 7000

TruMark 5050 + VisionLine Mark Traceability 2


TruMark 6350






TruMicro Mark

(Laser Marking)


TruMicro Mark 2030



TruMicro 7050


(Punch laser processing)

TruMatic 1000 fiber with SheetMaster Compact

TruMatic 6000 fiber with Sheet Master

TruMatic 6000      

TruMatic 7000 with SheetMaster, large storage system





(3D printing systems)

TruPrint 1000

TruPrint 3000





TruPunch 2000  with SheetMaster Compact

TruPunch 5000 with SheetMaster and double carts



(Disk lasers)

The new generation of TruDisk lasers                                  

Processing Optics / Sensor systems

Intelligent focusing optics I-PFO

TOP Braze Optic

SeamLine Remote



Consulting for Parts Design

Bending Tools

Product Enhancements

Customer portal MyTRUMPF

Genuine Parts


Software - TruTops Boost and TruTops Fab

Punching Tools

Further services can be found directly on our machines and in the entrance area of our show room








(Power Tools)

18 V Li-Ion battery machines

TruTool N 1000

TruTool TSC 100



TRUMPF Hüttinger

(Power Electronics)

Customized heating processes

Service & contact