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Processing optics/sensor systems

SeamLine Remote

Benefit from potential savings in remote welding for car-body construction – with the seam tracker SeamLine Remote. It reduces your flange sizes, making the vehicle lighter. A further advantage is that the welded seam is directly measured and evaluated. Testing software displays all seam information clearly on the construction part and assesses the quality of the whole part. Whether sum, neighbor or repetition rules – you have a variety of options to logically link single seams on a construction part.


I-PFO – Intelligent Remote Processing "on-the-fly": The intelligent PFO (I-PFO) is the new generation of programmable focusing optics (PFOs), which have proven themselves in the automotive industry. The advantage: they 'know' their position within the robot's working area as well as the location of the processing points. Since the robot continuously transmits its movements to the I-PFO, the optic can start the processing independently, wherever geometrically and process-technically possible.

Laser brazing with TOP Braze technology

How can you braze galvanized steel in car body construction and maintain constant top quality? New materials are presenting production with new challenges. The solution is: TOP Braze. It combines TRUMPF technology with the well-known Scansonic brazing optic ALO3. The TOP Braze optic enables low-spatter brazing of galvanized steel combined with very high seam quality.

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